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Truck Repairs & Tuning

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Truck Repairs & Tuning

Truck Repairs

Taking on all repair work from wiring to major overhauls, no job is too small or complex. DJ Commercials aims to price job fairly and complete each in a timely fashion, ensuring you get the best value for money and your vehicles are back on the road with minimal delay.

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Services include

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And much more!

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One of our recent projects

Tim Rigby’s beauty R580 V8 in for some pre winter maintenance, this chap covers all of Europe and in the really cold places, so he likes to keep her in tip top condition. The gearbox has been removed, new front cover gaskets and seals replaces with the clutch removed measured and checked, two new front callipers and a good checking over, she’s all ready for the Swedish winters.

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Another completed project

16ltr v8 full overhaul due to oil pump failure, luckily I keep spare engine parts on the shelf due to needing two con rods and a crankshaft saving the customer a small fortune and the unwanted need to throw in a second hand engine, I had my stock crankshaft checked and polished prior to fitting to be 100% sure, then I went on with building it from the ground up with all genuine parts.

You can see all our recent work on our Facebook Page.

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